IBS Relief Consultation Package

Take control of your IBS symptoms and regain your confidence today

ļ»æDoes this sound like you?

  • Do you feel like your life revolves around your IBS symptoms?Ā 
  • Do you notice stress or anxiety makes your symptoms worse?
  • Does planning your social calendar and meals out cause you anxiety because you don't know where to eat or what to eat off the menu or if there will be toilets nearby?
  • Do you wake up feeling great and by the end of the day your fatigued, in pain and look like you are 6 months pregnant?

If you answered YES, you're in the right place. I'm here to help you!

Package Inclusions

  • 4 x ConsultationsĀ 
  • Low FODMAP RecipeĀ guides with over 90 recipes
  • EmailĀ support between consultationsĀ 
  • BONUSĀ IBS + Low FODMAP tools & resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IBS Relief Consultation Bundle is designed for those individuals who are feeling pretty confident with their Low fodmap journey thus far although still need some fine tuning and guidance.

The IBS consultation bundle provides you with a toolbox of IBS and Low FODMAP resources to help make the progressing through the elimination challenges and reintroduction phases that much easier.

Access to four consultations allows space for you to ask your questions, share your concerns or seek further education and clarity on specific aspects of the IBS and the Low FODMAP Diet.

Consultations are valid for 6 months following date of purchase.Ā 
Package is available for upfront payments only

Private Health rebates are available for all one-on-one consultations. 
Please check with your healthcare provider that Dietetics is covered in your current healthcare package.
Receipts are provided following each consultation for online claiming.

Absolutely! The IBS Relief Consultation Bundle is offered both in-person and online.
This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can connect with our IBS and Low FODMAP trained Dietitian.

Immediately. You will be able to book your first consultation at the same time as making your payment. Review consultations will be booked during your consultations.Ā 

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